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English News - The Wait is Over! Museum Siam Addresses a Hot Topic with its New Traveling Exhibition: "Fast Fashion Crushes Our Planet."

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English News - The Wait is Over! Museum Siam Addresses a Hot Topic with its New Traveling Exhibition:

The Wait is Over! Museum Siam Addresses a Hot Topic with its New Traveling Exhibition: "Fast Fashion Crushes Our Planet."

Museum Siam takes its visitors on an enlightening journey, exploring diverse aspects of the fashion industry. In today's world, the production and consumption of garments have escalated rapidly, resulting in an enormous growth of the fashion sector. Clothes are no longer use in seasonal but have evolved to become a means of self-expression and status. As the phenomenon of "Fast Fashion" continues, its impact on the fashion industry, the environment, and laborers is becoming increasingly evident. Nevertheless, we have the power to effect positive change and protect our planet through various avenues.

Today, Museum Siam extends a compelling invitation, not to shopping, but to actively contribute to "saving" our planet at the innovative Muse Mall. Replicating the ambiance of popular fashion brands' shops found in bustling shopping plazas, these thought-provoking exhibits aim to raise awareness about the profound impacts of our shopping choices. It is a conscious call to contemplate whether we prioritize "us" or "our planet" in our decisions.

Let's anticipate with the annual traveling exhibition, "Fast Fashion Crushes Our Planet," thoughtfully curated to offer a blend of engaging content and interactive activities. Running from 3rd August to 3rd December 2023, the exhibition will be hosted in the Temporary Exhibition Hall on the 1st Floor of theExhibition Building, Museum Siam. Conveniently accessible via MRT's Sanam Chai station (Exit 1), visitors are invited to explore the exhibition from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10 am and 6 pm (closed on Mondays). It is important to note that admission to this enlightening event is entirely free!

Mr. Rames Promyen, the Director General of the National Discovery Museum Institute, has unveiled that "This year, Museum Siam's decision to host the traveling exhibition on "Fast Fashion Crushes Our Planet" as a response to the pressing environmental issues caused by the fast fashion phenomenon. While the fashion industry has undeniably contributed significantly to the economy, the excessive production of garments, driven by the desire to showcase social status, has led to severe pollution on a global scale. A glaring example of this environmental impact is the staggering 39,000 tons of unsold garments dumped in Chile's Atacama Desert. These garments, being non-biodegradable and laden with various chemicals, epitomize the wasteful consequences of fast fashion. Regrettably, similar mountains of garment waste have also accumulated in numerous other regions worldwide, further exacerbating the problem. Moreover, garment production currently accounts for 8% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions and a substantial 20% of the world's wastewater volume. The fashion industry's insatiable consumption of water is equally concerning. Astonishingly, a single pair of jeans necessitates a staggering 7,500 liters of water to manufacture, equivalent to 5,000 large bottles of water.

The "Fast Fashion Crushes Our Planet" exhibition goes beyond highlighting the impacts of fast fashion and extract into feasible solutions that individuals can readily adopt. While concepts like Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are not novel, it calls for a fresh perspective on these principles before the mountains of garment waste become so massive that they become visible from space. Leaving behind such unintentional legacies is far from a point of pride, and it certainly does not align with the desires of future generations.

By addressing this contemporary issue and imparting valuable knowledge to the public, the exhibition serves as a vital component of Museum Siam's mission to inspire and foster self-learning through its engaging exhibits. The exhibits are meticulously designed to offer enjoyable learning experiences, encouraging meaningful exchanges and interactions with visitors, all founded on the PLAY + LEARN concept."

The "Fast Fashion Crushes Our Planet" exhibition presents "Muse Mall," resembling fashion shops found in shopping plazas. Its first zone, "Shopping Crushes Our Planet," compellingly urges visitors to introspect their shopping behaviors. A central weight within this zone poses a profound question: Will we choose to prioritize our individual desires for fashionable items or make a collective effort to combat "global warming" and preserve the health of our planet? The exhibition emphasizes that environment is important to humanity's well-being and happiness, pushing visitors to ponder whether the significance of "our planet" transcends the allure of beautiful wardrobes. It encourages a balanced outlook on our choices, acknowledging that each of us plays a vital role in shaping the fate of the world!

In its second zone, "Slow Fashion Saves Our Planet," the exhibition proposes a series of impactful solutions that promote sustainable practices. Among these, the utilization of natural fibers, as they prove to be environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and contribute to the advancement of sustainable fashion. Another approach is ReWEAR, which celebrates the act of wearing old clothes and promotes the powerful message of #wearagainandagain. Furthermore, the exhibition encourages the practice of RePAIR, a transformative process that breathes new life into old garments, benefiting both the individual and the environment. The concept of ZEROWaste is also introduced, exemplifying how dead stock can be effectively utilized to maximize resource efficiency. The concept of UpCycle is showcased, demonstrating how old garments can be revived and repurposed creatively. Additionally, the exhibition promotes the virtues of donating, sharing, and raising funds through the Donate – Share – Raise Funds initiative. The ReCYCLE practice is acknowledged as a possibility, although its implementation can be challenging. Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with visionary entrepreneurs and brands that have embraced green efforts and sustainable practices. Notable among them are FolkCharm, Karma.Local, Eaggamon (or Eaggamon Attagamon), Moreloop, Standard Archives (SXA), Dry Clean Only, Renim, Farmer Rangers, Wishulada, SC Grand, Selvedgework, the Second Chance Bangkok, and the Mirror Foundation.

The event's key highlights include the Slow Fashion Market, featuring over 20 stalls dedicated to selling secondhand items, promoting sustainable fashion practices. This unique marketplace not only provides visitors with an eco-friendly shopping experience but also encourages the adoption of circular economy principles. In addition to this enriching shopping experience, visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to attend a special talk by actress, MC, and passionate environmentalist, Khem-upsorn Sirisukha. During the talk, she will illuminate Moreloop's efforts and the transformative power of circular economy practices which also beautifully displayed throughout the exhibition. A site-specific art installation crafted by Wishulada Panthanuvong will undoubtedly mesmerize visitors. This thought-provoking creation artfully transforms trash, incorporating over 16 tons of garment waste thoughtfully sourced from the Mirror Foundation, into a stunning display of treasured art. Moreover, Wat - Jiraroj Pojanavaraphan, the visionary third-generation executive of SC Grand, will take center stage to share his inspiring journey as an entrepreneur in the recycled textile industry. His green concepts and innovative approaches exemplify the possibilities of fashioning a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Museum Siam cordially invites everyone to join us at the "Fast Fashion Crushes Our Planet" exhibition, taking place from 3rd August to 3rd December 2023. The event will be open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday, operating between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm (closed on Mondays). The venue for this exhibition is the Temporary Exhibition Hall, located on the 1st Floor of the Exhibition Building at Museum Siam in Bangkok.Conveniently accessible via the MRT Blue Line's Sanam Chai station (Exit 1). Free Admission. For further details and updates, please visit our official Facebook page at and our website Should you have any inquiries, kindly contact us at 0 2225 2777.